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Earth Hour 2018 Night Walk

Asiorf - December 24, 2019 - 0 comments

Earth Hour 2018 Night Walk.

This would mark the 5th time that World Wide Fund for Nature-Malaysia (WWF-Malaysia) has commemorated Earth Hour with a walk in a bid to tackle accelerating climate change and stagger-ing biodiversity loss. Earth Hour is a global initiative led by WWF where members of the public are encouraged to turn off their lights for an hour in solidarity against the rising tide of climate change.

1st Avenue strongly believes in building a sustainable future that contributes not just to Penang’s and Malaysia’s bid to push for a greener environment and community but with the rest of the world. Earth Hour has become a global initiative, where everyone around the globe for one hour turns off their lights in a united stand for environmentally sustainable action.

Earth Hour activities began at noon on 24 March 2018, with activity booths and pre-walk activities for the walk participants. Participants that signed up for the Earth Hour Night Walk received an eco-friendly T-shirt made from 100% organic cotton, with all proceeds going towards WWF-Malaysia’s conservation efforts.

Before the walk, participants were led in lighting tea candles in anticipation of the lights going out. There were activities and opportunities to learn about conservation efforts and recycling for people of all ages. Learning in particular about the effects human beings leave on our planet, served as a grim if not a necessary reminder that we aren’t the only living things that call the only planet we know home.

As activities continued, participants gathered for performances whilst awaiting the much anticipat-ed flag-off.

Come 8.30pm as the lights were dimmed throughout 1st Avenue, participants took their first steps off into the night. Participants took their march for Mother Nature through the streets of a dimly lit Georgetown, before completing their 3.8km walk back to the mall.

All participants were presented with medals for their efforts. Made from wood the medals exemplify the continued efforts to preserve nature. These wooden medals represented the commitment of all participants in their bid to battle our changing climate.

1st Avenue is strongly committed in the battle against climate change and advocates the continued efforts of co-organisers WWF-Malaysia and Penang Island City Council in promoting a culture of education and sustainability.